Happiness is inward and not outward; and so it does not depend on what we have, but on what we are. - Henry Van Dyke -

Barbara, your messages set a very positive tone for the entire conference. You really did a wonderful job of infusing enthusiasm and passion into our employees during a period when our organization was experiencing a great deal of turmoil. Thank you again for sharing your wonderful spirit with us.

Julie Geramanis Wilson, Regional Vice President, American Heart Association


We just found out that on September 10, 2008 Shea Homes (Arizona) division was named by J.D. Powers as Number 1 Homebuilder in the Phoenix metropolitan area and that means we’ve put what you taught us to good use in the customer service area the seeds you plant around the world DO take root and produce abundantly!

Ruth C. Truman, Director of Special Projects, Land Department Attorney, Shea Homes

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