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•   Quotes of the Month
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•   News at Barbara Glanz Communications, Inc.
•   New Ebook --"Johnny the Bagger'sÆ Thoughts for the Day"
•   "Travel Tips from a Pro"
•   Idea of the Month--The "Whine" Cellar
Quotes of the Month
"When it comes to life, the critical thing is whether you take things for granted or take them with gratitude."
G.K. Chesterton

"Change dusts off our dreams and explodes us into new beginnings." Joan Chittister

"We will be known forever for the tracks we leave."

"Opportunity is missed by most people because it comes dressed in overalls and looks like work."
Thomas Edison

"If you continue to live each day as if it were your last, someday you'll be right!"

"Live more in your heart and less in your head."

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Barbara and her precious 
grandchildren in Montana
News at Barbara Glanz Communications, Inc.

Barbara was deeply honored to be selected by meeting planners as one of the top keynote speakers in the July 1, 2010, issue of "Meetings & Conventions Magazine" in a Feature story by Loren G. Edelstein titled, "Planner's Favorite Speakers."

Subscribers to the magazine were asked to submit their answers to the question, "Who is the best keynote presenter you have ever heard or used?"

The list of 84 speakers, including celebrities, sports figures, well known authors, academics, and 18 NSA members, was very impressive, and Barbara was thrilled to be included in such amazing company. A few of the names before and after her on the "G" list are:

* Bill Gates (Microsoft chairman;

Rudy Giuliani (former New York City mayor, speaks on politics, leadership, crisis management; SpeakerId=3337)

Barbara Glanz (improving employee morale, retention, productivity;

Dr. Al Gobar (real-estate economist;

Doris Kearns Goodwin (presidential historian, political news analyst;

Al Gore (45th U.S. vice president, author of An Inconvenient Truth;

To read the entire list, which includes a number of Barbara's NSA friends, go to:
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Style magazine, a publication of the Sarasota Herald-Tribune, recently featured Barbara in "At Lunch," a monthly interview with Ruth Lando at a local restaurant. In her article Ruth shares some lessons she learned from Barbara. One of these is how Barbara utilizes her speaking to help make others aware of the choices they have in every interaction and how they can positively impact others around them - in the workplace or in daily life. Barbara tells of some of her world travels and how even through difficult times, she has learned not to let others control her behavior and how she responds. What a valuable lesson worth applying in one's own life!

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Barbara was recently featured in the Meeting Planners' Guide special edition of the Gulf Coast Business Review in June 2010. She was interviewed by Heidi Kurpiela for an article entitled, "Make Your Presentations Sizzle". As one of the top keynote speakers in the United States and the first speaker on record to speak on all 7 continents, she shares some of her best practice ideas to impact and engage your audiences. She also conveys one of the most powerful ways she is able to connect with participants through living her personal motto: "Spreading Contagious EnthusiasmTM"!

This is the link to the article in the Meeting Planners' Guide edition Gulf Coast Business Review, page 8 and 9:

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Barbara had the privilege of working with Togo's, a specialty sandwich chain in San Jose, CA, last month. You can read about the wonderful things that happened in her blog,


Barbara was blessed to take all her children and grandchildren to Mandorla Ranch, which is about an hour outside of Missoula, Montana, for a week in July. It was the first time in 9 years that the entire family had been together for a vacation -- 6 adults and 4 children (5, 3, 9, and 12), so it was loads of fun. You can read all about the trip and see family pictures on Barbara's Blog,

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Barbara and some of the Togo's 
"Travel Tips from a Pro"

Barbara Glanz, Certified Speaking Professional

Since I travel at least 100 days a year, I have learned many things to help others negotiate the potentially unfriendly skies these days. It can be a wonderful blessing to be able to travel to exciting cities, exotic cultures, and restful havens, but only if one is prepared.

First of all, you want to find the lightest possible luggage you can. The average suitcase weighs from 12 -15 pounds, so that leaves you only about 35 pounds to fill in order not to have to pay a penalty. I use a large duffle bag, which is by far the lightest option, for my work materials, workout clothes and cosmetics.

Because I am a professional speaker, I need to take "presenting" clothes as well as casual things for evening, so I need a molded suitcase for these items. I have found a brand called Heys that I love. The very largest suitcase only weighs 11 pounds, the lightest I have ever found, and it has held up well even through international travel. (I only plan to get about 1 year from my bags, so if they make it beyond that, I am thrilled!) Bed, Bath and Beyond has a very inexpensive handheld scale that you can use to check the weight of each bag ahead so that you have no surprises when you get to check-in.

I do not have a lot of advice about packing sparingly since I have never learned to travel light.! Fortunately, I am a Gold Medallion on Delta, so I get three bags of 70 pounds each free...HOORAY! However, I do have a couple of packing tips. I keep an extra set of all my meds (which I carry on the plane), cosmetics, a spare curling iron and hair dryer (I never rely on the hotels to have these as they are essential to my looking good!) and toiletries already in my suitcase so that I never have to worry about packing those.

I have shoe bags and molded forms to stick in my shoes, and I fill my tennis shoes with pairs of socks. I buy mostly knits and clothes that pack well - Chico's for casual and St. John for dress and presentations. A basic black pant and top, dress, or skirt and tank with several different jackets help save space and always look good. I pack everything in plastic cleaning bags to help them stay unwrinkled. Many people are also recommending the special bags that are airtight and save a great deal of space in one's suitcase.


On the plane, I rely on two products (and even though I am on dozens of flights a year, I rarely ever get sick) - Airborne which you can get at the drugstore and a product from New Zealand for longer flights called "No Jet Lag" ( The latter is a little mint that you chew every two hours, and it is miraculous. Even on a 28 hour flight home from South Africa several years ago, neither my daughter nor I had jet lag. I also carry antibiotic hand crËme everywhere and a Z-pak from my doctor just in case I do get ill on the road. I drink lots of water and take daily vitamins, and I always get a flu shot. Be sure to wash your hands often on the plane and walk around every hour.

I also carry a stretch band and a tennis ball. Each morning on the road, I do 15 minutes of stretching exercises and 100 sit-ups with the tennis ball between my knees. This helps to keep me limber and gets my metabolism going even if I do not have time to do more of a workout. I always carry a swimsuit and goggles and tennis shoes and shorts and t-shirt in case I have time to work out; however, after a long day with clients, I am not excited about going down to an exercise room late at night all by myself, so instead I spend time with my stretch bands in the room.

I recently bought a sound machine to carry on the road and I also carry a fire hood in case of emergency. If you travel frequently, there is a wonderful service called Med Jet Assist which will airlift you from anywhere in the world to your choice of a hospital. The fee the last time I checked was around $100 a year - a wonderful bargain for peace of mind.

Remember to always have a photo ID or passport. Check with your state; in the state of Florida, you can get a free photo ID that is a duplicate of your Driver's license so you do not have to worry about losing your license when you are traveling.

I always dress well when I travel (no jeans). I am treated with much more respect, I often get upgraded, and if they were to lose my bags, I still have something I could wear to speak.
Keep ID inside of each bag as well as on the outside.

Especially if your bag is black, have some distinguishing feature such as a colored ribbon tied on it, stickers, or a bright band around the bag. That helps keep anyone else from mistaking your bag for theirs.

Travel has gotten harder and harder since 9/11; however, if you are well-prepared, you will find great joy in experiences you could never imagine at home.


Barbara Glanz, Certified Speaking Professional, works with organizations that want to improve morale, retention, and service and with people who want to rediscover the joy in their work and in their lives. She is the author of eleven best-selling books, including "The Simple Truths of Service As Inspired by Johnny the BaggerÆ" (Co-authored with Ken Blanchard), "The Simple Truths of Appreciation;" "Handle with CARE - Motivating & Retaining Employees:" " CARE Packages for your Customers," and "CARE Packages for the Workplace--Dozens of Little Things You Can Do to Regenerate Spirit at Work ". As an internationally known speaker, trainer, and consultant who has a Master's degree in Adult Education, Barbara lives and breathes her personal motto: "Spreading Contagious EnthusiasmTM." She is the first speaker on record to speak on all 7 continents and in all 50 states. For more information, she can be reached directly at 941-312-9169; Fax 941-349-8209; email:;

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The whole family in Montana
Where in the World is Barbara?


1-2 Oceanside, CA
3-5 Carlsbad, CA
6-8 Togo's, San Jose, CA
16 -21 National Speaker's Association Conference, Orlando, FL
22-29 Mandorla Ranch, Missoula, MT


12 - 13 Hold, National Institute of Government Broadcasting (Five Star Speaker)
26 - 29 Veteran Speakers Retreat, Boiling Springs, PA


1 - 2 Togo's, Orange County, CA
13-15 Hold, Ericsson Services, Dallas, TX
17 National Commerce Bank Services, New Orleans, LA
19 - 20 Lead Like Jesus Board, Dallas, TX
21 - 22 Battlefords Chamber of Commerce, No. Battleford, Saskatchewan, Canada
30 Guideposts National Cabinet Meeting, New York, NY


1-2 Guideposts National Cabinet Meeting, New York, NY
5-6 Hold, Department of Veteran Affiairs, Las Vegas, NV
12- 14 Hold, Speak Inc, South Dakota
27 University of West Florida, Pensacola, FL

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Barbara in San Diego on the 
New Ebook --"Johnny the Bagger'sÆ Thoughts for the Day"
Over 7 million people have watched the movie of "Johnny the BaggerÆ" on and YouTube, and nearly half a million people have purchased the book, "The Simple Truths of Service Inspired by Johnny the BaggerÆ" written by Ken Blanchard and Barbara Glanz. Johnny's story has brought hope to people all over the world that one person CAN make a difference.

Now enjoy some of the thoughts that inspired Johnny, after hearing Barbara speak, to put his own "thought for the day" into every person's groceries he bags. Along with the story of Johnny, you will find 20 pages of quotations that are funny, inspirational, and thought-provoking, all of which you can use in both your personal and professional lives.

How will YOU be a Johnny today?

INTRODUCTORY SPECIAL - Just $10 (Regular price $12) and you can download the file immediately.

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Barbara and the young man who 
played Johnny
Idea of the Month--The "Whine" Cellar
The 'Whine" Cellar

Many of you who have heard me speak already know this idea. However, with all the stress of the economy and doing more with less today, I thought it would be a good reminder for us all that we need to acknowledge our pain but then be able to have some fun laughing at ourselves, too! ;-)

This idea is excerpted from Barbara's best selling book, "Care Packages for the Workplace--Dozens of Little Things You Can Do to Regenerate Spirit at Work".


Every organization needs a "fun" place for people to go to unwind, to get their spirits renewed, and to simply "let their hair down!" Find an unused space of some kind in your building and create a unique spot for this renewal to happen.


* After I had spoken to a large organization about the idea of creating an atmosphere conducive to fun and revitalization, they called to tell me what they had done. A group of people in one department spontaneously got together, found an unused office space, stayed late one night, and decorated it all in black. When the other employees arrived the next morning, they were greeted with a banner over the entrance to the unused office which read "THE WHINE CELLAR." People began to bring in stress toys, cartoon books, stuffed animals for those who needed a hug, and even coloring books. This spot became the favorite gathering place not just for the folks who were having a bad day, but for the whole company. And remember -- What is the favorite social event of chronic complainers? A whine and cheese party!


This is an idea that can be adapted to wherever you are physically working. It could be located in a cubicle, an unused closet, or even a corner of the breakout room. It is just important to be considerate of the people working near the area, so if it is in the midst of a work area, perhaps make it a "quiet" room with beautiful, relaxing posters on the walls and inspiring books of quotations to read. It is always best to locate the space where it won't disturb the work of others, and if it can be somewhat removed from the normal workspaces, it will truly seem like a "getaway!"

For an archive of many low cost or no-cost ideas you can use immediately in your organization, click here.

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